Gotta have heART

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Saturday’s Solar Eclipse

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I loved how the sun was throwing out this little crescent shape whenever I would take a photo. The second two photos I shot through the rose-tinted lens of my sunglasses and I love the way they look.





Photos that didn’t make it to the book…

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Brody Neuenschwander

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I love being exposed to artists that I have never heard of before. This one in particular is taking a form of art and elevating to a whole new level which I have not seen and do not think it has been done yet. As a lover of all forms of art and especially collage, it really appeals to me how he uses paper, paint, and ink in a lot of his work. The variety of materials and canvases used create so much visual interest and really become so much more than just typography or painting. I think the three pieces below are my favorite because they remind me of soft, undulating waves in the sea, and they just make me want to re-create something similar in my own style.


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I love anything with a great pattern or design on it and I fell in love with these Zentangles! I had never heard of it before but I could look at them forever. I honestly think each and every one is amazing. In high school I had to make a project sort of similar to this and I loved coming up with different intricate designs to use. They sort of seem like they could be doodles in someones notebook that you would take during that super boring math class, but on a whole other level. I have never really been a major doodler, I usually make things with intention, but if I could doodle like this, that would be awesome. I think the one’s I love most are the images with natural elements and shapes in them….leaves, spiderwebs. I have a major love for spiderwebs. I think Mother Nature is the most insane artist there will ever be and her designs throughout life are so inspiring…just like this zentangle.

A few page spreads from my untitled book

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Somehow natural elements and colors inspire me more than anything and they seem to subconsciously make their way into my work…

Sketchbook scans

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I sketch random ideas for clothes I’d like to make someday as well as pencil sketches of random things and some watercolor studies. There isn’t really much “finished” work in my sketchbook…only these few pages.


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